NEW: Drag and Drop, Drafts, Reminders and Better Forms!

December 11, 2017

Lots of great new stuff this week in CrowdSync, to make it even easier for you to automate repetitive paperwork and communication with people!

Drag and Drop to Rearrange Steps

Need to rearrange the order of steps in a workflow? Now it’s a piece of cake. Simply drag and drop the steps to re-order them in your workflow.

CrowdSync Drag and Drop

As soon as you drag the items, we’ll save it for you and continue putting people through your workflow in the new order.

Draft Steps

In the middle of creating a new step in your workflow, and need to pause and come back later? Now, simply save your step and come back and finish later! People going through your workflow will skip that step until you finish it.

CrowdSync Draft Steps

Automatic Reminders

CrowdSync will now automatically remind people daily to complete a step until it’s finished, helping to automatically move people through your workflow. No more needing to manually remind people to submit documents or fill out your form. We’ll do the dirty work for you.

By default, reminders are automatically enabled for any step that requires some kind of user submission (currently Collect Information and Request Documents).

To turn reminders on or off, simply toggle the switch when you create or edit an action:

CrowdSync reminders

Also, we’ll show that they’ve been reminded on your workflow:

CrowdSync reminder tag

Improved Form Builder (plus colors!)

We’ve put a lot of work into improving the form builder this week, making it easier for you to quickly build forms that you can send out for folks to complete in your workflow.

Among the changes:

  • A more intuitive UI for building and editing forms
  • Forms now look exactly how they will to people going through your workflow, so you’re seeing exactly what they’ll see as you build it
  • Drag and drop to rearrange fields in your form
  • Colors! Change the background color of your forms to personalize them and match your brand colors

CrowdSync form builder

Make sure to log into CrowdSync to check out all the new stuff! Don’t have an account? Signing up takes 10 seconds and is free!

Stay tuned for more exciting stuff coming next week, including branded forms with your logo, bulk import of people, and much more!

Still Curious?

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