NEW: Import from CSV, Images on Forms and More Mobile Friendliness!

December 18, 2017

Lots of great new stuff this week in CrowdSync, to make it easier to build any process and put people through it.

Bulk Import from CSV

import from csv

Need to import a bunch of people into one of your workflows? We’ve made it a piece of cake with CSV import!

Just export all your contacts to CSV, make sure they’ve each got a name and email, and import them into your workflow from the “Add Person” screen.

If you’re using CrowdSync for large groups of people, this will make your life a ton easier!

Images on Forms

images on crowdsync forms

You wanted branding on your forms, you got it! Now, in addition to choosing custom background colors, you can add your logo or another image to your forms. There’s no limit on how many images a form can have, so get creative!

Much More Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly

Sometimes, you need to use CrowdSync on the go, whether you need to add someone to your workflow in the field, tweak an email, or just check progress to see where people are at.

We’ve made this much easier this week with a much more mobile-friendly UI. Go ahead, log in on your phone and try it!

Workflow Idea: Field Trips

field trip paperwork made easy

If you’re managing field trips for your school, church or other organization, you know that tracking down paperwork like permission slips and consent forms can be a hassle.

Make this easy with CrowdSync! Just set up a workflow to send out the required forms to parents, and watch in real-time as those documents are signed and returned to you. You can even follow-up with an automated email with information about the field trip, including times, locations and other useful information.

Make sure to log into CrowdSync to check out all the new stuff! Don’t have an account? Signing up takes 10 seconds and is free!

Stay tuned for more exciting stuff coming next week, including the ability to manually move people to the next step, placeholder actions, bulk data export, and much more!

Still Curious?

Want to know more how CrowdSync can ease the stress of organizing people?

This video will explain it all!