NEW: Holding Queues, Public Workflows, Exports, Form Upgrades and More!

December 27, 2017

Lots of great new stuff this week in CrowdSync, to make it easier to build any process and put people through it.

Holding Queues

holding queues

Do you have a part of a process where you need people to wait, while you take some action? Now, build that into your CrowdSync workflows with holding queues!

When people enter a holding queue, they’ll wait there until you manually advance them to the next step in the workflow.

This is great for approval steps, manual processes that aren’t automated with CrowdSync, or anytime you just need people to wait to be advanced.

Holding queues are added just like regular steps, so log in and start using them today!

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Public Workflows

public workflows

Starting this week, you can now make your workflows public. Simply toggle them to public in your workflow settings, and you’ll get a URL for sharing.

Why have public workflows? These are great for hosting a workflow on your website, like registration, research screeners, or any other situation where you don’t know the people in advance.

Export Your Data

export data

Now, export all your data out of CrowdSync with the click of a button. Simply click “Export”, and we’ll package up all form submissions and documents and send them to you.

All data is delivered to you in a CSV, and a ZIP file of documents.

Date and Time on Forms

date and time fields on forms

Forms now feature special fields for date and time, so it’s easy to collect that date in a much more user-friendly way. If you’re using CrowdSync to set up appointments or do anything else time-related, these should come in handy!

Resizable Forms

resizable CrowdSync forms

When building forms, simply drag the corner of the form to resize it to fit your content perfectly.

This is especially useful if your form has a lot of text, or long labels on your form items, to help things be much more readable.

Wait to Start Workflow

wait to start workflow

Instead of starting automatically, now when you add people to a workflow, they’ll be queued to start until you’re ready to kick off the workflow. Simply click “Start” (or “Start All” to start everyone at once) to get people moving through the steps.

This is great if you want to load everyone into a workflow, but still need to tweak a few things before starting everyone.

book clubs use CrowdSync

If you’re in a book club, CrowdSync can make it much easier to inform people about the book every month, and easily collect feedback and reviews throughout the month. Just build a workflow with a form, and add your members to it!

Other ideas include building workflows to collect book ideas from members, process any kind of dues (payment support coming soon in CrowdSync), or just welcome new members with an automatic welcome email and link to the monthly schedule.

Still Curious?

Want to know more how CrowdSync can ease the stress of organizing people?

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