Automate Your Call for Papers with CrowdSync!

January 06, 2018

A call for papers at a conference can generate a ton of submissions. Tracking these submissions and notifying people who have been accepted can be a full time job! It’s easy to lose track of people, forget to respond, or get buried in the flood of papers that you receive.

This guide will help you see how to automate this process with CrowdSync to reduce the likelihood that you lose track of people, and speed up the time it takes to review and respond to submissions.

What Our Workflow Will Look Like

finished workflow

When we’re all finished building out this workflow, we’ll be able to automatically accept talk submissions via an online form, hold people while we’re reviewing their submissions, then automatically notify the people who’ve been accepted, giving them information about any registration or lodging details they’ll need to go.

Let’s get to it!

How To Build a Call for Papers Automation Workflow

A call for papers at a conference follows a fairly predictable pattern: accept submissions, review those submission, and notify the people who have been accepted. This is often followed up later with information about the conference, lodging, registration details and more.

Let’s see how to build a CrowdSync workflow to automate that, making the process much more streamlined!

First, we need to accept submissions.

How do you typically accept submissions for your conference? Email? An online form? With CrowdSync, you can easy automate this, by creating an inbound step that has a form for people to fill out:


set up inbound

set up form

Need to accept PDF uploads as well? Just add a ‘Submit Documents’ action to this step.

Now, we’ve got a form that people can submit their paper through.

Next up, we need to review those submissions. For that, we can use a wait step, which will hold everyone in place while we read the great stuff they wrote and decide if they should come talk:

set up wait

Perfect! Everyone will be held here, while we review their submissions. No more losing track of people!

Next up, we’ll want to notify the people who’ve been accepted.

Let’s create an outbound step for notifying people that they’ve been accepted. We can even include information like lodging and registration information (with discount codes):

set up outbound

Piece of cake.

Now, just grab the URL for your workflow:


…and post it on your site, or in your email, announcing your call for papers!

Get Started Now

Ready to do this for your conference? Just signup for CrowdSync and build out your workflow. It takes minutes, and costs less than one lunch for a sponsor :)

We’ve actually created a simple template that will spin up a workflow with these steps for you automatically. You can edit them, rearrange them, add more, delete - whatever you need. Hopefully this helps you get started faster!

Questions? Hit us up!

Got any tricks for making the call for papers process easier? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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