Ultimate Guide to CrowdSync Steps

January 15, 2018

CrowdSync workflows are all about helping you get more done and giving your team and customers a better experience when dealing with groups of people.

Let’s face it - when you’re putting people through a process, whether it’s onboarding, registration or anything else that requires getting people through a number of steps, it’s very likely that people will fall through the cracks.

When you build a CrowdSync workflow to automate that process, you’ll save hours of time on manual tasks (who wants to copy the same email a hundred times?), have far more visibility on where people are in a process, and you’ll deliver a far better experience to your customers and your team.

How CrowdSync Steps Save the Day

In CrowdSync, workflows are made up of steps, just like your processes are in real life! We’ve tried to mimic exactly how you’d get people through a process, and reflect that in the app.

When you build a CrowdSync workflow, you’re taking a manual process and blowing the doors off with automation and insane levels of visibility and clarity.

Three Step Types in Any Process

CrowdSync steps are broken into three different types: inbound, outbound and wait steps. Let’s take a look at how those work, and how you can arrange them in a ton of different ways to automate any manual process you have.


Inbound Steps

Inbound Steps do a lot of heavy lifting in CrowdSync. If your process requires that you need to gather information from people, inbound steps are your jam.

When you create an inbound step, that step can do any number of things:

  • Send out an online form for people to fill out
  • Request someone upload documents (you can even supply the documents for them!)
  • Request a payment (coming soon)
  • Let someone schedule time on your calendar (coming soon)
  • Let someone vote (coming soon)

We’re always adding more capabilities to our steps. Are we missing something you need? Let us know about it!


Outbound Steps

Outbound Steps help you push out messages to people at any point in a workflow. Need to email someone a confirmation, or send a packing list to your newly registered camper? Outbound steps are there for you.

Outbound steps can operate in a few ways:

  • Send an email
  • Send a text (coming soon)
  • Send a postcard (coming soon)

Wait Steps

Wait Steps are special - they let you hold someone at a point in a workflow, until you want them to move forward.

This is ideal for situations where you need to wait to approve someone, or simple need people to queue until a later action needs to take place.

Doing this manually means keeping tabs on everyone in that step, and remembering to move them ahead, one at a time.

With CrowdSync, that all becomes automatic, taking a huge load off your mind.

Wait steps can work in a few ways:

  • Wait indefinitely until you move people ahead
  • Wait a specific number of days (coming soon)
  • Wait until a specific date (coming soon)

How Steps Can Be Combined

Now that you’ve got the building blocks of a workflow, just combine them to replicate your manual process!

Need someone to register for an event?

Inbound (form) -> Outbound (confirmation) -> Wait -> Outbound (more event details)

Need to onboard employees?

Inbound (form and required documents) -> Outbound (welcome packet)

Need to collect applications for a contest or show?

Inbound (form) -> Wait (for approval) -> Outbound (acceptance email)

As you can see, nearly any process you have that deals with people can be modeled, automated, and easily tracked in CrowdSync.

The only limit, as they say, is your imagination.

Now that you know how steps work, log in a start building out your workflow now!. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up today!

Still Curious?

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