How to Collect Documents from a Group of People

February 01, 2018

Collecting documents from a group of people can be a big pain. If you’ve got 30 students whose parents all need to sign the same permission slip, or 1000 club members that all need to sign their yearly renewal paperwork, circulating that paperwork and getting it all back in an orderly fashion can be…painful.

Luckily, we can make it easier!

Using CrowdSync to Get Those Documents Back

Let’s walk through how you can use CrowdSync to make collecting documents from a group much easier.

Set up a workflow and add a step for documents

First, we’re going to create a workflow - let’s call it “Monthly Documents”. You can name this whatever you want, no one sees it but you.

create workflow

Next up, let’s add a step the workflow that will ask everyone to submit the documents. We call that an inbound step, because it’s something you’re asking people to send in to you.

Simply add a step to your workflow, and select the “Inbound” step:

inbound step

Once you do that, it’s time to set up that step!

step configuration

First things first, give your step a name. This is only for you to see. If you’re sending out those permission slips, maybe name it “Permission Slip”. Easy!

Next up, we need to set what we want people to do at this step.

Let’s select “Send or Complete Documents”.

send documents action

This will let us ask people to submit documents to us when they get to this step (and we can even supply those documents to them if we need to!).

With that selected, click “Set up Now” to configure it.

Set up your documents step

docs setup

Now, we’re ready to set up what documents we want someone to submit to us. Simply click “Add Your First Document” to add one, and fill out the information about it.

add document

You can give your document a title (which people will see), and optionally, instructions.

If you want to supply a blank form for them to sign or fill out, just attach it by selecting “I am providing a document to fill out”. When you do this, they’ll be able to download that document, complete it, and send it back to you.

Hit “Save Document” to save it.

If you need to add more documents, simply repeat that process. Otherwise, click “Save Documents”, and you’re ready to go!

Set up your email to people

Many times, you’ll want to email people asking them to submit these documents to you. Let’s set up that email so they’ll automatically be sent where we want them to go.

To do that, simply click “Configure the Email” under the “How People Will Get to This Step”.

configure email

Fill out your from name, reply-to address (so people can reply directly back to you), the subject, and body for your email.

email builder

No need to include a link to the documents. We’ll do that automatically for you!

Hit “Save Email”, then “Save Step” on the next screen, and you’re ready to start sending this out to people!

Add people to your workflow

You’re just about ready. Now, you just need to add people to your workflow, to start collecting documents from them!

Click “Add People” to get started.

You can either add people one at a time, or import a group of them from a CSV by clicking “Import from CSV”.

people in start

You’re ready!

To send out the email to your group of people, asking them to return the documents to you, simply click “Start All” (or start each person individually if you want).

step 1

Now, as you can see, everyone has been emailed, and moved to the first step - where you’re collecting documents. You’ll know if they’ve opened or clicked on your email as well!

What your group of people will see

Here’s what each person on your list will see.

First, they’ll get this email from you:

invite email

Then, when they click on the “Upload Documents” button, they’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

public upload form

Once they’ve uploaded their documents, you’ll get an email notification, and see that they’ve moved to completed in your workflow:


Just click on their name, and you’ll be able to get their documents!

person details

You Just Saved Hours of Time

It’s that easy! Whether you’re trying to collect documents for a small group of people, or a huge organization, using CrowdSync to do it will save you tons of time, help you see where everyone is at any given time, and let you get back to more important things.

Sign up for CrowdSync now and start making this process much easier! Already have an account? Just log in and get started.

Questions? Just reach out here and let us know! We’ll be more than happy to help.

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