How CrowdSync Uses CrowdSync: Feedback Forms

February 21, 2018

We believe in using your own product here at CrowdSync (a practice called dogfooding). Using CrowdSync helps us to find the places to improve it, find any bugs lingering out there, and most importantly, helps us to think clearly about what value we’re providing.

We’ll be doing a series of blog posts about how we use CrowdSync here at CrowdSync, starting with our first use case:

Replacing our Google Form we use for product feedback.

Before CrowdSync

When we initially launched, we set up a quick and dirty Google Form to capture product feedback. It gave us a place to capture anything that people wanted to let us know about, and looked like a standard Google Form.

Easy enough, although, it was lacking for us. We wanted to send an confirmation email after the form was submitted, but without adding Chrome extensions and configuring all that, there wasn’t an easy way to set it up.

Also, it was difficult for us to see who was giving feedback. Sure, we could see the responses, but it was missing that…human…element.

Setting Up A CrowdSync Workflow for Product Feedback

Using the super-simple form builder inside of CrowdSync, we put together a simple feedback form:


Easy! We could have added more fields, but wanted to ensure it was fast and easy for folks to fill out.

Then, after the form was submitted, we wanted to send a confirmation email to the person filling it out, letting them know that we’d received their feedback and would be getting back with them soon:


No Chrome extensions, no complicated setup. We just added a step to send an email after the form was submitted, and boom, we’re done!

After CrowdSync

After we set up this feedback form, we actually started getting more feedback. Call it the universe rewarding us for dogfooding, or just a better form experience, but we definitely noticed an uptick in the amount of interaction with the form.

Additionally, we have a better view on who’s interacting with us, a history of our interactions with them, and the piece of mind knowing that they had a great experience providing us feedback as well.

If you’re looking to collect feedback on your product, or collect any information via an online form, CrowdSync makes it a piece of cake.

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