How To: Remove a Person from a CrowdSync Workflow

March 04, 2018

Sometimes, need to remove someone from a workflow, whether it’s because they’re not interesting in participating, have been disqualified, or something else.

Here’s how to remove someone from a workflow:

In your workflow, click on the person’s name, either from the step that they’re in, or the list of people in your workflow:


Click “Remove from Workflow” from their Profile

Once you’re on their profile, simply click “Remove from Workflow”. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to do this, and then they’ll be removed. Simple!


Once you’ve removed someone they’ll be marked as inactive in your workflow. You’ll no longer seem them in the workflow steps, but they will remain in the list of people, in case you need to access their information later.


Currently, we don’t support reactivating someone after they’ve been removed. If you’ve removed someone by accident, or need to reactivate them, let us know on our Slack team and we’ll be happy to help!

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