New Pricing for CrowdSync!

April 03, 2018

We’re extremely excited to announce new pricing for CrowdSync! We’ve talked with many of you about what you’re trying to do, and heard your feedback. Starting today, we’ve made radical changes to our pricing that will help you get started faster, be more productive, and get the full CrowdSync experience.

The highlights:

  • All plans (including free!) now include unlimited workflows with unlimited numbers of steps. This means that you can go wild, dialing in your process exactly as you need it, with no restrictions.

  • Plans are now broken down by the number of people you’re putting through all your workflows, in total. Need 20 workflows with 20 people each? Piece of cake. One workflow with 200 people? Not a problem.

  • We’ve added a new $29/month plan that gives you unlimited workflows and steps, and up to 250 people across all those workflows.

Check out the full pricing breakdown here.

We’re hopeful these changes will help y’all get started faster, give you more flexibility to build what you need, and align with your needs better.

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Still Curious?

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