Case Study: StartupBus - Managing a National Hackathon!

April 04, 2018

Every year, hundreds of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be jump on buses for 72 hours, building startups while moving at 70 MPH.

Sound crazy? Just another year on StartupBus.

What is StartupBus?

StartupBus is a global startup competition where competitors pitch ideas, build them, and launch them…all while riding on a bus.

A global competition, StartupBus now happens in 4 continents and 15 countries, bringing veteran and newbie entrepreneurs together in one of the world’s most intense and fast-paced startup competitions.

It’s been called “Navy Seal Training for Entrepreneurs” and trust us - it lives up to the reputation.

Justin Davis on StartupBus
Your humble host (second from left, in the back) on StartupBus in 2015

A Beast to Organize

StartupBus is selective, which is part of why the competition is so high-caliber. Participants must have an invite code, fill out an application, and are personally interviewed by a “conductor” (the leader on each bus, usually a StartupBus veteran).

For a competition that can draw over 500 applicants, organizing this recruiting effort is a beast. For years, conductors have juggled emails, scheduling software, spreadsheets and post-it notes to keep track of who’s where.

For a fast-paced competition like StartupBus, organizing recruiting needed to be more nimble, organized and easier to manage.

Using CrowdSync to Manage the Process

In 2018, StartupBus starting using CrowdSync to manage the recruiting for all 10 buses of the competition.

Each bus has a recruiting workflow made up of 7 steps, from the initial application, to automatic scheduling of interviews, to notice of acceptance, payment, and confirmation of their spot on the bus.

What took hours per person in the past now takes minutes. Nimble, indeed.

The Results

The competition is still ongoing at the time of this writing, however, it’s clear - using CrowdSync to manage the recruiting process for the competition has had a profound effect.

To date, over 500 people have applied for StartupBus in 2018. For conductors, handling the process of getting all these people through the recruiting process manually would have meant days spent sending emails, organizing lists and trying to track each person through the process.

Some stats that tell the story:

  • Over 500 applications
  • Over 145 interviews scheduled
  • Over $24,000 in registration fees collected
  • Over 2,300 emails sent automatically (including reminders)
  • Over 75 hours saved by automating these steps

That’s almost two weeks of full-time work, saved with CrowdSync.

With CrowdSync, these conductors can focus on more important things, like recruiting the best talent to apply, and creating an incredible experience on the bus for those who make it in.

Get Involved

If you’re reading this post before April 25th, 2018, you still have time to join the competition! Simply use the invite code “CrowdSyncLovesTheBus” and apply here to be part of the competition!

Do you run a competition, or need to get people through a process like this? You could be saving weeks of time as well!

Don’t waste another minute coordinating this work, get started with CrowdSync and get that time back!

Still Curious?

Want to know more how CrowdSync can ease the stress of organizing people?

This video will explain it all!