How To: Move People in CrowdSync Workflows

April 24, 2018

If you ever need to move a person from one step in a CrowdSync workflow to another manually, whether you need to skip forward or backwards, this guide will show you how to do that.

First, go to the workflow with the person you want to move:


Find the Person in the Step

Find the step that the person is currently in by expanding the people list for the step:

On the lefthand side of the person, you’ll see a menu with three vertical dots. Click this menu to reveal options. Click “Move to Step” to open the move dialog.


Select the Step

Simply select the step you want to move this person to, click “Move”, and you’re all done!


This person will now enter the workflow at that point, and pick up wherever that workflow takes them.

Hope this helps your workflows be more flexible, and allows you to more effectively move people through whatever process you need them to go through!

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