Top Productivity Hacks for Human Resources

June 27, 2018

Today, being as productive as you can be is important. With more and more looming deadlines, a seemingly never-ending pile of new work, and a calendar that seems to fill itself, getting more done in less time is critical.

If you work in human resources, these demands on your time can be even more pressing.

We reached out to some of the top human resources bloggers in the world to get their best productivity tips for HR professionals:

Trish McFarlane at

My “hack” is a simple one. Always put yourself first. Every morning, I spend 10- 15 minutes on something to educate myself before I start the day. I typically turn to to see what I can find that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Then, a few times a week, I take an online class through It keeps me grounded and happier. If I am happy, I’m more productive in the other work hours of the week.

Todd Raphael at

You can be more productive by rethinking the language you use, language that may easily be weeding most of your potential employees out. For example, talking on your career site about company outings, quarterly retreats, sales-incentive trips, and happy hours will weed out many people already stretched to the max, who can’t fathom the idea of giving up any more weekends and nights for work.

Todd Nordstrom at

Remind employees and candidates why they’re excited. While most companies still operate with a top-down philosophy, where we like to think it’s our job to tell people why they should be excited to work for us, it’s much more powerful to have employees and candidates share their reasons with you.

As I travel and speak to employees at all levels of the organization, I ask them to take a step back into their younger lives. I ask them to recall moments where they were recognized for their special skills and talents. And, then I ask them to tell me how they responded to that recognition.

Most likely, that person not only repeated the activity that earned them the recognition, but they also probably tried to improve on the activity. Bring people back to those moments (outside of the current job description). They’ll give you a sneak peek of what they think they’re a standout and why they are or were excited to work at your company. And, you’ll know exactly what kinds of projects and opportunities will make them shine.

Jason Buss at Recruiters Network: is one of the best recruiting productivity tools I’ve seen lately. It’s a Chrome Extension that is a must-have tool for anyone that wants to clip resumes/profiles from any job board, social network, or search engine, then enrich that data by finding the direct email & contact information for every person, and then drop them into your CRM, ATS, or Recruitment marketing platform.

It saves recruiters hours per day, and can even make crappy recruiting apps usable once your site is mapped. The tool also helps you measure your recruiting & sourcing teams effectiveness using activity monitoring and allows you to track your cost per hire from all paid sourcing sites.

Ben Eubanks at Upstart HR:

First thing in the morning, stay out of your inbox. It will suck away your time and energy, and when you need it for more mentally intensive work, you’ll be out of luck. Instead focus on accomplishing one or two key tasks without any distractions. You’d be surprised how productive you can be!

Bob Sutton at, author of The Asshole Survival Guide:

Hire people who make you squirm. Comfort comes from familiarity and similarity. If you don’t want clones, getting comfortable about being uncomfortable with who you interview and hire is essential.

Mike Haberman at Omega HR Solutions:

In HR it is easy to get overwhelmed with the myriad of things that have to get done. My best productivity tip is to carry something to write things down (ink or electronic) and then put it in a short to-do list. I know, it sounds too simple but I find it the best way to be back to the important things and not the immediate things.

Do you have a great productivity hack or tip for human resources or recruiting professionals? We’d love to hear it, and add it to this list!

Simply submit your tip here, and we’ll get it published!

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