A Better Place to Keep People

Get your list of people out of Excel or your database and into the place they deserve.

The Easiest and Most Powerful Way to Manage People

Whether you're managing a small sports team or a huge professional organization, you need a flexible place to keep track of everyone

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A Radically Easy to Use Database with Superpowers

Import your people, create collections, add notes, send email and even send people into powerful workflows

All in a beautiful, incredibly easy-to-use interface.

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Smarter than Sheets

Immediately see all your peoples' social networks and contact information in their profile, all magically.

Automatically send welcome emails or forms to new people added to the database.

Collect money from people with turnkey billing, schedule time with instance scheduling

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Build Flexible Workflows to Automate Work with People

Using our powerful workflow builder, build any multi-step process to put people through, whether you're onboarding new employees or processing event registrations.

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Who Uses CrowdSync?

Sport Leagues


Event Managers

Sales Teams

User Research Teams




Member Organizations




Manage up to 5000 people. Automatic social lookup, sorting, tagging, notes.

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Manage up to 100 people. Automatic social lookup, sorting, tagging, notes.

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Finally. An Intuitive Way to Organize People.

CrowdSync is the most flexible way to organize people. If you're ready to
get out of the chaos of spreadsheets, you're going to fall in love.