Take the hassle out of recruiting research participants.

Stop juggling onboarding, documents and scheduling. With a CrowdSync workflow, you'll spend more time with participants and less time in spreadsheets.

Participants Fill Out Your Screener Online

Create a simple, beautiful screener in seconds, and easily share via email or a link.

Review and Select Participants

Review all your screening submissions, and only move the perfect participants ahead.

Automatically Schedule Sessions

Let participants automatically schedule sessions with you, automatically synced to your Google Calendar.

Queue People For Sessions

Hold people in your workflow while you conduct sessions with them, with instant access to everything they've submitted.

Instantly Send Followups and Thanks

Send followup and thank-you emails with a single click once you've finished your session.

All Your Participants' Information. All in One Place.

Stop searching through your computer and emails.
Everything you need, right at your finger tips.

CrowdSync Has the Features to Make
Less Painful.

Everyone at a Glance

See where everyone is at a glance. No more wondering if someone was followed up with.

Automatic Reminders

Automatic reminders to help people remember to complete the steps. It's easy for people to forget, we won't let them!

Unlimited Flexibility

Build your workflow however you want. Add or remove steps, change the flow, make it yours.

Stop Juggling Logistics.

Let CrowdSync handle the details of your recruit,
so you can spend more time with participants.

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