Product Sample Requests

Sending out samples of your product is important, especially in industries where seeing the product first-hand is everything.

Optimize these requests with this CrowdSync Recipe, letting your customers automatically fill out a form online to tell you what they want a sample of. Once they do, they’ll be held in your workflow until you’re ready to send them a confirmation that the sample has been sent out to them.

Never let another sample request fall between the cracks and optimize how many customers you can get in the door!

Steps in This Recipe
Fill out an online form
Wait until you approve them
Receive an email
Like your favorite cookbook's recipes, CrowdSync recipes may need adjusting to your taste. Don't worry about offending us, we encourage you to tweak our recipes to fit your needs! And if all this food talk has made you hungry, you should try making one of our favorite recipes.

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