Product Demos

Booking demos for your product is one of the core activities that any good product sales team should be doing. Automate booking those demos with this CrowdSync Recipe, and let your sales team go on autopilot.

Potential customers can visit your CrowdSync form, give you important information about what they’re curious about, then automatically book time on your calendar, all automatically.

This recipe was developed based on the same workflow that we use at CrowdSync to automate our product demos, and it works!

Steps in This Recipe
Fill out an online form
Schedule time on your calendar
Wait until you approve them
Receive an email
Like your favorite cookbook's recipes, CrowdSync recipes may need adjusting to your taste. Don't worry about offending us, we encourage you to tweak our recipes to fit your needs! And if all this food talk has made you hungry, you should try making one of our favorite recipes.

Still Curious?

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