User Research

User research is core to making great products, and along with it comes a lot of work - from selecting and vetting participants, to getting appropriate paperwork signed, to getting participants scheduled, and following up after the session.

This CrowdSync Recipe (based on our founder Justin’s experience as a researcher) lets you automate this whole participant onboarding process, from sending out a screener, to automatic session scheduling, and following up with a thank you and payment after the session.

Spend more time with users, and less time in your inbox!

Steps in This Recipe
Fill out an online form
Wait until you approve them
Schedule time on your calendar
Wait until you approve them
Receive an email
Like your favorite cookbook's recipes, CrowdSync recipes may need adjusting to your taste. Don't worry about offending us, we encourage you to tweak our recipes to fit your needs! And if all this food talk has made you hungry, you should try making one of our favorite recipes.

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