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Get people through any process easily

Whether you need to onboard employees, create a lightweight checkout for your products, or process applications to your event, get people through any process easily and automatically.

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Stop manually sending emails and tracking progress in a spreadsheet. With our easy workflow builder, build any process you need people to complete and automate the steps.

Built and live in minutes, just like you need it.

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Create any sequence of steps

Set up a workflow with any sequence of steps you want someone to go through, with our easy building blocks.

Send emails automatically
Collect information via online forms
Request document uploads
Request payments
Schedule time on your calendar
Hold people until you advance them
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Add people to your workflow

Share a link to your workflow, add people manually, or add programmatically via a webhook.

Once they're added, they'll start to complete your steps in order, immediately and automatically.

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Easily monitor as people complete steps

At a glance, see a timeline of how each person in your workflow is completing the steps, including when they've opened your emails, and when they've been reminded to complete steps.

add person to workflow

Organize easily with notes and tags

Add notes and tags to people to organize people in your process and easily communicate with your team about participants.

What Others Are Saying

This has made recruiting for research studies a breeze. What used to be a manual, long process to onboard people into a study is now trivial."

Justin Davis

Founder, Madera Labs

Handling support requests manually for HolidayAPI used to eat up a ton of time. CrowdSync organizes all these requests so I can respond much faster."

Josh Sherman

Founder, HolidayAPI

I didn't want to set up a complex store to sell our products. With CrowdSync, I can take orders and organize fulfillment without complicated software."

Jen Bradford

Director of Sales, Borough Ranch

From onboarding employees to registering atheletes for your team, CrowdSync has infinite uses.

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Forms, automatic emails, scheduling, document requests and wait steps in your workflows

Put up to 100 people through your workflows


Forms, automatic emails, scheduling, document requests and wait steps in your workflows

Put up to 5,000 people through your workflows

Collect payments in your workflows

Emails come from your domain

Remove CrowdSync branding

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