Instantly make repetitive tasks with people a piece of cake.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Whether you're sending the same email to 100 students, or always requesting the same information from job applicants, Crowdsync lets you automate those tasks and get your day back.

At CrowdSync, we call these workflows, and they're made up of combinations of actions, such as these:

Sending Emails

Automatically send emails to anyone in a workflow.

Requesting Information

Request any information you need from people in a workflow, from basic contact information to much more.

Completing and Signing Documents

Get a set of documents automatically sent out for signature.

Scheduling Time

Let people automatically schedule time with you or someone else as part of a workflow.

Export to Sheets

Automatically export data to Google Sheets as users complete your workflow.

Always Adding More

We're always adding new actions for you to automate workflows with. Need something specific? Let us know!