The Easiest Way to Automate Paperwork and Communication with People

From school field trip permission forms, to managing yearly renewal paperwork, save yourself the hassle of manually requesting information.

Save Hours Automating Common Paperwork and Communication

Quickly automate any paperwork and communication with people, from onboarding new employees to wedding RSVPs. Automatic reminders, online forms and instant document upload!

Send Emails

Automatically send emails to anyone in a workflow.

Collect Information

Send out online forms for people to complete.

Request Documents

Send documents to be completed and sent back to you.

Automatic Reminders

Daily reminders to ensure people submit information quickly.

Information All in One Place

All your submitted paperwork and information in a single place. No more chasing down lose ends.

Track Status at a Glance

With one glance, see who's submitted information and who hasn't, including when they've been last reminded.

Build Flexible Workflows

Create workflows to match your existing processes. Simply add actions to reflect how you need to communicate with people.

Easily Collect Documents and Data

No more attaching forms to an email over and over again. Send your people to an easy to use page for uploading their information.

All Your Information In One Place

No more stiching together Excel files and Dropboxes. Everything that a user submits is in one, convenient spot.

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How People Are Using CrowdSync

From managing wedding RSVPs to automating employee onboarding, the ways to use CrowdSync are only limited by your imagination.

Automating Wedding RSVPs.

200 people, each with a choice of fish or chicken.

When Taylor and Angela needed to easily collect RSVPs for their wedding, they turned to CrowdSync to build out a workflow that'd send out a form for folks to RSVP, and follow up with an email full of important information about the wedding.

A match made in heaven.

Onboarding Employees

Every time a new employee starts, there's a stack of paperwork they have to fill out.

For Pivot Recruiting, sending this paperwork out every time meant hours of time every month spent copying emails and attaching documents.

With a CrowdSync workflow, Pivot was able to reduce the time spent on this task to minutes, giving employees a better experience, and making the process much more efficient.

A flawless and fun first day? Check.

Class Registration

Dance Academy USA turns kids into ballerinas.

Before CrowdSync, every quarter meant processing hundreds of paper applications, and collecting payments by check.

With a CrowdSync workflow in place, registration is now fully automation, leaving more time for working on those sick moves.

We'd call that a pretty impressive number.

Processing Foreclosures

Every year, thousands of homes go into foreclosure.

For law firms like McCollum and Ross, processing these foreclosures means tracking down stacks of documents, like home contracts, credit reports and more.

By using CrowdSync, they can now tell who's sent in paperwork, and who hasn't, saving hundreds of hours every month, in tracking down homeowners.

While foreclosures are sad, the process for dealing with them doesn't have to be.

Recruiting for Research

First Chair is a world-class user research company.

Every time they do a study, each person they recruit has to fill out a consent form, provide personal information, and schedule time on someone's calendar.

What used to be a long, manual process tracked in spreadsheets is now fully automated, thanks to CrowdSync.

Less time with paperwork, more time talking to users. As it should be.

Simple Pricing

One price, all the features. No complicated tiers, no per-user pricing. Simple, as it should be.


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