Onboarding Customers

Onboarding Customers

Take the back and forth out of onboarding your customers and put a little more sanity in your day. Build any onboarding sequence you need and let it run automatically.

Onboarding customers can be arduous, with back-and-forth emails, attachments, keeping track of who’s where, and keeping everyone on task. CrowdSync lets you build user-friendly sequences to take the manual work out of onboarding, giving your customers a consistent and world-class introduction to your company.

Built and live in minutes, just like you need it.

Customized Just for You

No matter how complex or simple your onboarding process is, you can build it in CrowdSync.

  •  Send emails automatically
  •  Request document uploads
  • Schedule time on your calendar
  • Collect information via online forms
  •  Request payments
  • Hold people until you advance them

Add Customers Easily

Share a link to your workflow, add people manually, or add programmatically via a webhook.

Infinitely flexible and incredibly easy to use.

No More Micro­managing Your Onboarding

You’ll see everything at a glance. No need to check to ensure people have completed certain steps or track down documents. Everything visible, in one place.

Organize People Like a Pro

Add notes and tags to people to organize people in your process and easily communicate with your team about participants.

What Others Are Saying

Justin Davis

Founder, Madera Labs

This has made recruiting for research studies a breeze. What used to be a manual, long process to onboard people into a study is now trivial.

Josh Sherman

Founder, HolidayAPI

Handling support requests manually for HolidayAPI used to eat up a ton of time. CrowdSync organizes all these requests so I can respond much faster.

Jen Bradford

Director of Sales, Borough

Every customer we have needs to fill out paperwork and upload documents for us. This makes it a piece of cake. Thanks CrowdSync!

What Others Are Saying

All of our plans include our easy-to-use workflow builder, helping tame the chaos of onboarding people, and you can kick the tires absolutely free for 30 days.



Forms, automatic emails, scheduling, document requests and wait steps in your workflows



Forms, automatic emails, scheduling, document requests and wait steps in your workflows

Collect payments in your workflows

Emails come from your domain

Remove CrowdSync branding

Have special needs? Want to integrate with your systems? Contact us about our enterprise plans

Still Curious?

Want to know more how CrowdSync can ease the stress of organizing people and DevOps?

This video will explain it all!

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