Getting People Through a Process Is Backbreaking Work

Sending Emails

Copy and pasting emails, sending them out to people, one by one, over and over again.

Scheduling Time

Emails back-and-forth, playing phone tag, trying to find the perfect time to meet.

Requesting Docs

Asking people to fill out forms, tracking down scanned documents you've received.

Updating Sheets

Updating unweidy spreadsheets, merging in data from others, just to keep track of things.

Sending Reminders

Manually harassing people to get things to you, somebody always falls through the cracks.

Closing the Loop

Trying to keep track of who's waiting to hear back, what they need and when it needs sent.

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Customer Spotlight - StartupBus

StartupBus has been able to use CrowdSync to manage the application and
selection process for over 300 applicants to their 2018 competition.

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