YouTube Theater Seating Chart Overview

A rendering of the club seating in the all-new YouTube Theater, located across from SoFi Stadium under the same roof canopy at Hollywood Park in Inglewood. (Image courtesy of Hollywood Park)

When planning to attend an event at YouTube Theater, understanding the seating chart is crucial for securing the best seats. This 6,000-seat venue, located at Hollywood Park in Inglewood, California, offers a variety of seating options across three levels: the lower level, mezzanine, and upper level.

Seating Levels and Sections

Lower Level

The lower level is the closest to the stage, providing premium seating options such as VIP suites and club seats. This level includes sections 101-115, 201-215, and 301-315, ensuring an intimate and immersive experience.

Mezzanine Level

Above the lower level, the mezzanine offers a more elevated view of the stage. Sections 116-130, 216-230, and 316-330 are located here, providing a balanced perspective of the performance.

Upper Level

The upper level, the highest seating area, offers a bird’s-eye view of the stage. Sections 131-145, 231-245, and 331-345 are situated here, ideal for those who enjoy a panoramic view of the event.

Seating Chart Breakdown

Lower Level101-115, 201-215, 301-315Premium, close to stage
Mezzanine Level116-130, 216-230, 316-330Elevated view
Upper Level131-145, 231-245, 331-345Bird’s-eye view

Important Seating Chart Notes

It’s important to note that the seating chart may vary for specific events such as concerts, awards shows, or sports events. Some sections might be removed or altered depending on the event setup. Always check the seating chart for your specific event to get the most accurate layout.

Accessibility Features

YouTube Theater is ADA compliant, offering special seating and preferred entry gates for patrons with disabilities. Assistive listening devices and sensory accessibility options are also available. Be sure to review the accessibility policy for your specific event for more detailed information.

Ticket Information

To find live events at YouTube Theater at Hollywood Park in Inglewood, visit the official ticketing website. Ensure you get the best seats with a 100% buyer guarantee on all purchases. Don’t wait—buy your tickets today!

Additional Information

For insider information about parking, concessions, seating, rideshare options, public transportation, bag policy, amenities, and more, check the venue’s official resources. This will help you plan your visit and ensure a smooth experience.

Seat Dimensions and Design

While specific seat dimensions at YouTube Theater are not explicitly mentioned, the venue is designed to be intimate, with the furthest seat only 164 feet from the stage. The seating bowl is fan-shaped, ensuring even sound distribution and excellent acoustics throughout the venue. For more detailed information on seating dimensions, contacting the venue directly or visiting their official website is recommended.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the YouTube Theater seating chart can significantly enhance your event experience. Whether you prefer the premium options of the lower level, the elevated views of the mezzanine, or the panoramic perspective of the upper level, there’s a perfect seat for everyone. Make sure to check the specific seating chart for your event and enjoy your time at YouTube Theater.

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